– Two-card-trick to explore issues

If there is confusion or no clarity about finding the right issue or if you like to explore a more hidden theme, it is worthwhile to try this:

Take the two white Questioncards from PANGARDEN and hold them both with the empty white side in front of you, so you can only see one white card. (The other one is hidden behind the first one)

Then ask: „If your issue/question would be written on here, what would it be? „
Then give time to explore….

This way one can see an answer to the question….

You only imagine the answer in your head, the actual card is empty)

After that, while pulling the second card out from behind the first one, you ask: „Is that your issue or is there another one behind? What is it? What is written on here? Which issue?“

Again, give time to explore that in depth.

One can now see ones real issue or real question and voice it.

All the best and enjoy amazing results here!