About Us

Antje Rickowski
PANGARDEN Inventor, Therapist & Trainer
Since 25 years I work as a naturopath with Homeopathy, Flower essencenses, Herbalism, Irisdiagnosis, Systemic Therapy (Hellinger).
I live with my family since 1998 in Findhorn, Scotland.
• Teaching at naturopath colleges in Berlin
• Training for Pangarden und other personal development seminars
• Workshop foculiser for the Findhorn Foundation
TU Berlin Landscape planning
Naturopathy college, Iridology and biological medicen, anthroposophy, co-counseling, group-facilitation, non-violent communication, Family constellation (Hellinger), Co-creative Science (M. Small Wright), Process Orientated Psychotherapy (Mindell).
Webseite: www.LeoVitalis.com

Martin Kutternik
PANGARDEN Concepts, Design & Management
I love developing new solutions and products for projects and health issues.

Ich liebe es Problemlösungen für Projekte und Gesundheitsfragen zu finden und zu erforschen. Balance and human development are at the centre of my various areas of interest.

  • Holistic technologies
  • Colourtherapy by Theo Gimbel – Hygeia
  • Co-creative vibrational & Flower Essencenes Practitioner
  • Talks und publications
  • Director of Panosun Ltd. since 1993

Websites: www.Panosun.org & www.EssenzenDirekt.com

Spiritual Guardian St Nikolaus
For a variety of reasons, we feel that St Nikolaus to be the spiritual guardian of  Pangarden.

Antje Rickowski, HP, Spielentwicklerin & Coach

St Nikolaus with his gifts in Rettenbach Church, Bavaria

St Nikolaus brings unexpected gifts, that nourish and bring joy. Traditionally celebrated in the night of the 6th December, in a time of deep outer darkness.  He leaves presents only for the  ones who are willing to clear of the dirt and present their clean boots…

During Pangarden one can often notice, that if we are ready to brush of the dirt of the past, we can receive new gifts in form of insights and an inner blessing, resulting in joy, peace and gratefulness.

Renewed and strengthened we then are ready for our next evolutionary steps.