Game Content

What’s Inside the Box?

72 MapMats
To choose from to map out your life situations. These soft mats are the foundation of the game.
Quality foam-rubber circles, squares and triangles in 12 colours, two of each colour.

69 Needs Cards
In order to grow, needs must be met.

74 Light Cards
To see the light in situations.

59 Shadow Cards
To discover blocks.

24 Healing Cards
To facilitate change.
To support the change, healing and integration process, it may be helpful to take corresponding Flower Essences after the game.

12 Genetic Pattern Cards
To resolve inherited patterns.
Full, easy-to-understand details inside the guide.

Spiritual Impulse Cards
To get insights, support and help from the Spiritual World:
The Christ, Mother Earth and the four Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.

A Heart-Shaped Box of Assorted Sprinkles
To express miracles and sparkle-up your life.

Also contains:

  • Game Charts to support the flow of your game.
  • Question Cards to help you hold the focus during the game.
  • Detailed Instructions explain the components and give advice and guidance. Included are: different options for playing, special layouts, the meaning of colours, information on Nature as your partner, and much more. There are no strict rules. You use your inspiration, intuition and creativity as you play.
  • Instruction Cards to use with the add-on-option of the Perelandra ETS Plus Solutions.

And this is how it all fits back inside the box. This sheet is in the base of the box. If you miss it, click and print here.