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PANGARDEN is a supportive and empowering co-creative constellation game created in Findhorn, Scotland.
With Pangarden you gain fresh perspectives on life and work situations and manifest blueprints for positive new realities.

Ideal for quickly and efficiently addressing and unblocking patterns and clarifying questions in relationships, family, work, health, finances…

“Playing was very interesting. Extraordinary solution. Implemented practical changes for my life that worked really well. Creates fun! I look forward to playing more often!”
– Silvia C., Germany

Choosing from the coloured foam-rubber shapes, simply lay out the issue that is troubling you or which you have questions about.

As you gain insights, new perspectives and understanding through the special card-sets, shift-processes are triggered, enabling new realities to form.

The co-creative partnership with nature adds greater perspective and balance to all new results revealed.

Individuals, friends and groups can consciously explore and transform hidden dynamics to create amazing new possibilities in a playful, meaningful and harmonious way.

For Adults and Children 6+ if playing with adult

Players: 1–5 and more

Duration: approx. 45 min.

Frequently asked questions:

• Is the Pangarden Game the same as the Game of Transformation from Findhorn?

• Can PANGARDEN be used for therapy?

• How can PANGARDEN help me on my spiritual path?

“It is amazing how playing Pangarden helps reveal the opportunities hidden in challenges and difficulties. The joy, ease and beauty of new insights and the discovery of strong solutions is awe-inspiring!
Pangarden is a deeply enriching tool — an ‘oracle’ of our times for all modern holistic people. It genuinely meets the need for supportive connection and uplifting cooperation; a truly valuable friend for all aspects of life!”  
– Antje Rickowski & Martin Kutternik (Holistic Practitioners & Pangarden Developers)