PANGARDEN harnesses intuition and co-creative partnership to ‘flip the switch’ on life situations

This new empowering co-creative constellation game created in Findhorn, Scotland. With Pangarden you gain fresh perspectives on life and work situations and manifest new blueprints for positive new realities.
Individuals, friends and groups can consciously explore and transform hidden dynamics to create amazing new possibilities in a playful, meaningful and harmonious way.

Integrated in the Pangarden Game:

Family/Systemic Constellation to map out life situations
Nonviolent Communication to identify needs
Homeopathy/Miasms to address genetic patterns
Healing qualities based on Flower Essences to support change
Kinesiology to aid decision making
Spiritual Science to trigger input and help from higher realms

No special skills required – just be open to amazing results!

The Challenge of Change

When I see the changes which have taken place in my life and the valuable lessons I have learned and how I have expanded in my outlook, I realise that benefits have come from everything that has happened to me.I have not always seen them at the time.

Expect a miracle. Expect miracle upon miracle to come about, and do not limit them
in any way.The more open you are, the better, for then there is nothing in the way to stop the flow of My laws, for miracles are simply My laws in action.Flow with these laws and anything can happen. Seek and find your direct link with Me, and retain that linkno matter what is going on around you. That link with Me, the divine, is the source of all power, and it is this power which creates miracles. Work with those laws and
anything can happen. It is identifying yourself with the oneness of all life, with all wisdom and all power which opens doors and enables the laws to operate within you.Without awareness you can miss so much which is right there in front of you, or even within you.Many souls go through life blind to the wonders all around them, blind to the miracles of nature, and so miss the miracles of life. Simply going along in the same old way day in and day out will get you nowhere.
You cannot hope to grow spiritually. You have to move forward. And when you make your own decision to do so, then you will receive help from every side. The first move is always yours. So do not waste time hanging back, but take the first step forward and behold miracle upon miracle taking place in your life.
Reprinted from “Divinely Ordinary, Divinely Human”

Copyright Eileen Caddy and David Earl Platts 1999
published by Findhorn Press