Essences Healing Cards

Essences to the Healing Cards

To support the change, healing and integration process, it may be helpful to take Flower Essences that correspond to the Healing Cards after the game.

The small English company
supplies high quality flower, gem and crystal essence combinations, which relate to the names of the Pangarden Healing Cards.
At the end of the game:

Ask: “Integration action needed?”
If Yes:“Any Flower essences?”

If Yes, consider the Crystal Herbs flower, gem and crystal essence combinations that relate to the Pangarden Healing Cards.
Details below — click on the names for details and to order.

It might also be useful for you to have other sets of Flower Essences for testing available, like the Bach Flower Remedies or some of the Perelandra Essences Sets.

Balancing Feminine Healing Family Making Change
Balancing Masculine Inner Child Patience
Being Present Inner Joy Releasing Addictions
Clarity Inner Peace Self Esteem
Emotional Balance Inner Strength Sexuality
Letting Go Tolerance
Forgiveness Loving Communication Trusting Life
Healing Abuse Loving Relationships Willingness