Sample A

Example Game

Play PANGARDEN and be ready for

amazing changes in your life!

Real life example of a simple game:

The issue:
Claudia, a children’s doctor, intends to go back to work, after two years of being at home supporting her children. Why can’t she take action towards this aim, even though her decision is clear?

1st Step:

Layout of MapMats Claudia has chosen to represent her situation:

The New Job – a pink square MapMat
The Problem that stands between – a black triangle MapMat
Claudia herself – a white circle MapMat

2nd Step:
Claudia feels moved to pull four Need Cards for her job and one Shadow Card for herself:

Her insights about the Need Cards:

FREEDOM —> not willing to give up freedom for money
CREATIVITY —> makes work worthwhile
MEANING —> on top of her own value-list
LOVE —> essential for happiness in work environment/among colleagues

Her insight about that Shadow Card:

Blockage —> stops all her action, no matter how good a job seems to be

3rd Step:
She feels stuck and after the question from the Question Card “What do I need to better understand and solve this issue?” she feels moved to apply the Perelandra ETS Plus Soil Solution for a healthy, balanced foundation of her layout. She applies the Solution as described on the brown Card for the ETS Plus Soil Solution. (Note: this Solution is an Extra to the Game.)

After a short while she feels an inner shift. Following that, she moves the black MapMat representing the Problem and the ‘Blockage’ Shadow Card to the side.

She also moves herself closer to her new job. From the Box of Sprinkles she places a big Silver Star on the Job and rearranges her Needs Cards…

All this represents how she inwardly feels things have shifted. She feels a big inner shift happened. She feels very happy and fulfilled.

Claudia feels the game/process is complete and uses Perelandra ETS Plus Soil-Less Solution for Projects for the Integration of this new layout and situation into her life, with the words “I ask that the essence of these drops be released to the order, organisation and life-vitality of integrating this Layout into my life.”
Note: this Solution is an add-on extra to the Game.

Also, Claudia is now aware of her values and therefore is able to manifest the best with clear intention. (Which she soon did very successfully! She got a fulfilling job as a doctor for assessing the health of schoolchildren…)