The Three-Mats-Tango

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New variation for playing: ‘The three-Mats-Tango’

For this simple, but very effective game variation you only need the three Mat sets and the heart shaped box with the sparkles.
This game variation is specially interesting to explore what lies hidden in the subconscious without having a concrete issue. It helps to clarify inner images.

It is helpful to play this in company with someone who asks questions and explores that togethervwith the player, withour playing himself. It is important, the mats only get shifted by the player himself!

In this layout we will find import aspects of the players psyche. The aim here is to work together in a harmonic partnership, like when dancing tango.

Here is how it works:

From all the mats choose three that you like, place how they feel right on the table.
Then ask the question: “Whats your name? Who are you?” Listen inside.

Write down this name and document the layout.

Next start a dialogue with this’being’. fe. you can ask:”How are you? How do you feel? What can you do? What is your quality?” and so on…
Please note down the resulting insights.

After clarifying what the being can do, ask if itcould do this for the player, if it could a service in partnership for him. ” Can you help me? Would you use your abilities for me, please?”

Normally this aspect would agree, if not you need to find out what is still necessary to do so.

After this friendly agreement is found, the player uses the heart box with the sparkles. Here he can express the joy about this new relationship and celebrate it!

From our experience we can say, that often in this game variation sontanous changes develop. Go for it, if it feels right. Sometimes card sets are used or more mats needed to express further ideas or insights.

Please remember to document all steps and insights.

Enjoy the Tango!I